Belgium Auto Sales

Belgium 2019. Volkswagen held the crown in steady market (+0.1%)

Belgium Auto Sales in 2019 is decelerating, after 4 consecutive years of growth. Indeed, the first 11 months of 2019 have reporBelgium Auto Sales in 2019 was flat, signing however the 5th consecutive positive performance. Indeed, the full year ended with registrations stable at 549.931, up just 0.1%. Volkswagen consolidated its leadership position with 9.7% of share, ahead of Renault and Peugeot.

Belgium Auto Sales

Belgium 2018. Volkswagen is back on top

Belgium Auto Sales in 2018 marginally improved keeping the steady growth of recent years, ending the year with 549.627 sales (+0.6%). Volkswagen - up 4.5% - is the best-selling brand, followed by Renault and Peugeot.

Belgium Auto Sales 2017

Belgium 2017. Renault wins in the rush

Belgium Auto Sales ended the 2017 with a little +1.2% increase over the previous year. Supported by the government incentive, ended in December, the electric vehicles segment grew up  in the top 10 in the World. Renault won the race in the car passenger's.

Belgium Cars Market

Belgium 2016. At the highest level in 5 years

Belgium Cars Market 2016 at the best out of the last five years and at the third best sales level ever after the 2011 record and the 2010. Renault was leader but Infiniti starred as fastest growing brand.

Belgium Best Selling Cars

Belgium Best Selling Cars 2015. The top 100 models

Belgium Best Selling Cars 2015 with a new leader, the Renault Scenic ì, which has taken the throne to the traditional leader, the Volkswagen Golf, this year loser, down over 25 percent.

Belgium Automotive Industry

Belgium 2014: Recovering in December the market ended flat on the previous year

Belgium Automotive Industry in 2014 was flat thanks to December sales rush. As in the entire Europe a new brand, with an “old” name is fast growing. It is made in US and with the Renegade will be the 2015 hero as well.