World Car Manufacturers Ranking 2023. BYD Enters Top 10 Rising 56.8%

The 2023 Audi TT RS Coupe Iconic Edition
The 2023 Audi TT RS Coupe Iconic Edition

World Car Group Ranking in 2023 is dominated by Toyota (+4.7%) which maintains still a significant distance from the runner up Volkswagen (+9.1%). Ford overtakes Honda Motor in YTD sales.

This report is produced extracting the registrations figures from the Global Database owned by our team, which track registrations i 159 countries, all brands, all models.

Looking at cumulative data up to October 2023, the leadership is solid in the hands of Toyota Group (data for all OEMs does not includes HCV and Buss, so Hino is not included under Toyota) which sold 8.82 million vehicles (+4.7%), losing 6.8% Africa, gaining 6.1% in the Asia and 9.1% in Europe.

The second is Volkswagen Group with 7.15 million sales (+9.1%) growing sharply in America (+16.6%) and Europe (+20.3%).

Hyundai-Kia ranks in 3rd spot reporting 5.91 million sales and a 4.4% increase in sales. This growth was sustained by surges in America (+7.9%) and Asia (+6.3%).

In 4th spot the Renault Nissan Alliance accumulates 5.63 million sales (+5.1%). The struggle in Asia (-15.3%) and Africa (-8.8%) is compensated by growths in both Americas (+22.2%) and Europe (+18.0%).

Stellantis maintains 5th spot with 5.52 million sales (+5.5%). It lost substantial sales in Asia (-13.3%), while growth was reported in Europe (+12.5%).

Behind, General Motors with 5.05 million sales (+1.6%) followed by Ford with 3.31 million units sold (+4.6%).

Honda Motor ranks in 8th with 3.29 million new registrations (+1.5%), losing both in Europe (-11.5%) and Asia (-9.8%).

In 9th place Suzuki with 2.55 million sales is up 5.3% sustained mainly by a +5.5% in Asia.

In 10th place ranks BYD -up 3 spots- with 2.11 million sales (+56.8%). The Chinese Group did better than Tesla (14th with sales up 29.4%) and is now the World Leader among EVs specialists.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for the top 30 groups.

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