Argentina 2021. Best selling cars ranking

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The 2021 Honda Ridgeline

Argentina Best Selling Cars ranking in 2021 reports the Fiat Cronos still on top of the leaderboard, while the Chevrolet Onix plummets at the edge of the leaderboard. The Toyota Corolla performs impressively, rising 16 spots and entering the leaderboard.

The Fiat Cronos remains on the Argentinian market throne after jumping 2 spots, selling 37,435 units in 2021 with a huge 10.5% market share, followed by the previous leader, the Toyota Hilux, which has 27,073 sales and 7.6% market share.

The third position was taken by the Volkswagen Amarok, rising 2 spots with 18,655 units sold (5.2% share), then we have the Peugeot 208 -up 3 spots- selling 15,809 units (4.4% share), followed by the Volkswagen Gol –down 1 spotwith 15,222 units (4.3% share) and the Ford Ranger with 14,905 (4.2% share) units sold.

Then in 7th place we have the Toyota Etios, up 2 spots with 14,058 sales (4% share), ahead of the Toyota Yaris -up 7 spots- selling 11,780 units (3.3% share), followed by the Toyota Corolla rising 16 spots with 9,128 units sold  (2.6% share).

Finally, at the edge of the Top 10 ranking we find the Chevrolet Onix -down 8 positions- with 8,707 sales (2.4% share).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for Top 50 models.

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