World Best Selling Compact Cars. The top in the 2018

World Best Selling Compact Cars

World Best Selling Compact Cars segment in the 2018 fell down 7.8% with 14.2 million global sales. On top of the list the Toyota Corolla, as usual, followed by the Honda Civic and the Volkswagen Golf.

Global Sales

Models included in our global ranking for the “Compact” or “C segment” (under the EU segmentation) represented by cars with a length between 4.1 and 4.4 meters and aggregated for the scope of this report only with regard to sedan, hatchback, coupe and wagon, excluding the SUV and MPV, reported in a different report.

The “Compact Car” segment (all bodies) in the 2018 counted 14.2 million sales, down 7.8%.

Sales 2016Sales 2017Sales 2018Mix 2018'+/- 2018 vs 2017'+/- 2018 vs 2014
Segment c16.423.68315.339.91214.148.859100,00%-7,8%-15,8%

Global Compact sales by Brand

The global leader within the Compact segment was Volkswagen with 2.02 million units sold in the 2018 (-10.6%), ahead of the Toyota with 1.79 million (-6.2%) and Hyundai with 1.38 million (-4.9%).

In fourth place Honda with 1.11 million sales (-1.8%), followed by Chevrolet falling down 3.9% with 621.989 and Kia with 613.690 (-2.5%).

Rank 2018Rank 2017ModelSales 2018Sales 2017'+/- 2018

Global Compact sales by Manufacturer

Volkswagen Group was the global leader in the Compact Car segment with 2.67 million sales in 2018 (-10.2%), ahead of Hyundai-Kia with 1.98 million (-5%) and Toyota Group 1.87 million (-6%).

In fourth place Honda Motor with 1.11 million units sold (-1.8%), followed by Renault-Nissan Alliance 1.02 million (-9.4%) and P.S.A. losing volume – down 22.7% – with 676.153.

Rank 2018Rank 2017GroupSales 2016Sales 2017Sales 2018'+/- 2018
11Volkswagen Group30970142.977.3552.672.630-10,2%
33Toyota Group21908211.990.5021.870.280-6,0%
44Honda Motor971712,371.135.1181.114.199-1,8%
55Renault Nissan Alliance11763291.123.2981.017.510-9,4%
78General Motors628286669.789639.452-4,5%
86Ford Group1041407953.068607.441-36,3%
99Geely Group507266,02547.349522.151-4,6%

Best Selling Models

In the 2018, like in all recent years, the Toyota Corolla was on top of the list with 1.19 million units (-1.1%). Produced in Japan since the 1966, the Corolla is the best-selling nameplate in the World since 20 years and is also the best-selling car in absolute in the history, with over 45 million sold so far. Since 2012, the 11th generation is on sales and distributed in 170 countries. Strange to say, Corolla is not market leader in any single country in the World.

In second place, the Honda Civic with 831.248 sales (+1.9%). Launched in the 1972, it is actually at the 10th generation (since 2016), available with 3/4/5 doors. The 2017 volume was boosted by the last generation distribution in all countries (over 140) including Europe, where the model is produced in UK (for hatch version) and Turkey (for the sedan).

In third place the Volkswagen Golf with 790.571 sales (-10.1%). Produced since 1974, the Golf has been the best-selling car in Europe since the 1976 and actually is at the 7th generation (since 2012). It is only hatchback (3/5 doors and wagon) because the twin on sedan version is called Jetta. Available with two electric versions, the e-Golf launched in early 2014, and the Golf GTE, the plug-in version launched in the 2015.

Down the podium the Hyundai Elantra with 620.888 sales (-1.4%) ahead of the Volkswagen Jetta with 493.396 units (-8.3%) and the Ford Focus with 453.893 sales (-30.6%).

In seventh place the Mazda3 with 354.184 (-10.5%) followed by the Volkswagen Sagitar with 309.902 units (-5.2%), the Nissan Sentra with 300.220 (-2.8%) and in 10th place the Audi A3 with 287.908 (-7.9%).

In the table below, data for the others models between 11th and 100th place are hidden. Wishing to know more, please contact us.

Data Source

This report is done utilizing data extracted from our GAD (Global Auto Database) the wider Auto Sales Database actually existing in the World, with sales data by region/area/country broken down by type/size/body-style/brand/model from January 2010 to the last month. Data are collected by over 300 sources, including all the official providers (local Minister of Transportations or Associations of car Manufacturers).


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Rank 2018Rank 2017ModelSales 2018Sales 2017'+/- 2018
11Toyota Corolla1.187.2531.200.952-1,1%
23Honda Civic831.248815.7421,9%
32Volkswagen Golf790.572878.952-10,1%
45Hyundai Elantra620.889629.444-1,4%
56Volkswagen Jetta493.397537.968-8,3%
64Ford Focus453.894653.679-30,6%
89Volkswagen Sagitar309.902327.062-5,2%
911Nissan Sentra300.221308.711-2,8%
1010Audi A3287.908312.607-7,9%
1123Chevrolet Cavalier
1215Geely Emgrand EC7
1316Volkswagen Bora
148Chevrolet Cruze
1514Toyota Prius
1613Honda City
1718Peugeot 308
1825Maruti Baleno
1922BMW 1 Series
2027Toyota Levin
2119Subaru Impreza
2220Renault Mégane
2326Mercedes A Class
2424Skoda Rapid
2517Opel Astra
2621Hyundai Accent
2729Seat Leon
2812Ford Escort
2932Geely Vision
3031Kia Forte
3128Kia K3
3249Lada Vesta
3334Toyota Auris
3439Hyundai i30
3535Fiat Tipo
3642Lada Granta
3737BMW 2 Series
3844Kia Niro
3930Hyundai Verna
4033Chery Arrizo 5/5e
4146Kia Cee’d
4250BAIC EC-Series
4338Peugeot Pars
4445Changan Eado
4543Volvo V40
4654Kia Cerato
4740Nissan Tiida
4847Hyundai Avante
4969Hyundai Celesta
5062Hyundai Ioniq
5141Iran Khodro Samand
5248Citroen C-Elysée
5356Hyundai Solaris
5451Volkswagen Vento
5552Nissan Sunny
5661Nissan Almera
57335Roewe Ei5
5855volkswagen Golf Sportsvan
5957Maruti Ciaz
6065Lexus IS
61161JAC iEV
6236BYD F3
6360volkswagen Beetle
6473Iran Khodro Dena
65335Fiat Cronos
6659Peugeot 301
67132Kia Pegas
6870Chevrolet Cobalt
6968Hyundai Xcent
7063Roewe 360
7158Citroen C4
72116BAIC EU-Series
7366Fiat Egea
74335GAC Trumpchi GA4
75335Geely Binrui
7653Zotye T600
77335ChangAn Eado DT
7877BMW i3
7983Brilliance H320
8076Perodua Bezza
8172Alfa Romeo Giulietta
8291Tata Tigor
8379Lexus CT
8475Kia Cerato sedan
8586BYD Qin PHEV
8678Brilliance H330
8799Citroen C-Quatre
8887Chevrolet Volt
8980Nissan Pulsar
9071Subaru Impreza Sport
9189Dongfeng Fengshen H30/S30
9293Chevrolet Cruze Sedan
9364Renault Tondar
9474Mitsubishi Lancer
9595Suzuki Ciaz
9684Mazda Axela
97104Mazda3 sedan
9881Honda Gienia
99103Suzuki Every Wagon
100335Hyundai LaFesta