World Best Selling Compact Cars. The top 50 in 2020

The Toyota Corolla

World Best Selling Compact Cars segment in 2020 final data fell 17.5% with 12 million global sales. The Toyota Corolla kept dominating the ranking, followed by the Honda Civic and the Volkswagen Golf. 

In 2020, as in the past few years, the best-selling compact car is the Toyota Corolla with 1.1 million sales, holding 11% of market share, 1% more compared to 2019. Produced in Japan since 1966, the Corolla has been the best-selling nameplate in the World for 20 years and is also the best-selling car in all history, with over 45 million sold so far.

In second place we have the Honda Civic with 687.491 units sold (6.9% share). Launched in 1972, it is actually at the 10th generation (since 2016), available with 3/4/5 doors. The 2017 volume was boosted by the last generation distribution in all countries (over 140) including Europe, where the model is produced in the UK (for hatch version) and Turkey (for the sedan).

In third place we have the Volkswagen Golf with 475.205 sales (4.7% share). Produced since 1974, the Golf has been the best-selling car in Europe since 1976 and is actually at the 7th generation (since 2012). It is only hatchback (3/5 doors and wagon) because the sedan version is called Jetta. Available with two electric versions, the e-Golf launched in early 2014, and the Golf GTE, the plug-in version launched in 2015.

In fourth position, the Volkswagen Bora jumped 1 spot with 331.682 sales  (3.3% share) overtaking the Hyundai Elantra with 300.106 units (3% share), followed by the Volkswagen Sagitar -up 2 spots- with 299.839 sales (3% share).

In seventh place the Mercedes A class with 282.099 sales (2.8% share) followed by the Ford Focus -down 2 spots- with 241.445 units (2.4% share), the Geely Emgrand EC7 -up 6 spots- with 234.499 units (2.3% share) and in 10th place the Toyota Levin with 226.683 units (2.3% share).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for the top 50 models.

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