# Friday, October 07, 2011

A couple of nights ago I went to a meeting of @codeslingers being hosted by @epitecgroup and got to work with @DavidGiard as he was preparing to teach a class on Azure.  While I consider my self to be just starting on the developers side of things, I know that my primary focus is going to be C# and web development.  In the last day since this event I have realized that I may have started heading down a path that is not optimal.   I know the web and C# and MVC are not going to disappear  any time soon, but Since I am learning, why not learn where the future path will be?

So I have downloaded the Azure hands on training kit from Microsoft and will start going through it.  I really like the fact that Microsoft seams to have embraced the idea of getting tools and training into the hands of developers, both new and experienced.  I look forward to seeing where this new path will lead.

Friday, October 07, 2011 11:24:36 AM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)